Certified Missouri Honey Project

? Exploring a Sweet Future: Certified Missouri Honey ?

Project Overview:

At the Missouri State Beekeeping Association, we have a vision for the future – a future where every drop of honey can be traced back to the beauty of our state. Introducing the “Certified Missouri Honey” project, a venture currently in its exploratory stages.

What is Certified Missouri Honey?

Our goal is to establish a program that certifies honey produced across the state as genuinely local. This certification will not only guarantee the authenticity of the honey but also promote local beekeeping practices and support the beekeepers who work tirelessly to bring you this golden goodness.

Current Status: Seeking Support

As we embark on this sweet journey, we are in need of both financial support and leadership expertise to turn this dream into reality. Your contribution will not only help us achieve this milestone but will also contribute to the preservation and promotion of Missouri’s rich beekeeping heritage.

How You Can Support:

The best way to contribute to the Certified Missouri Honey project is by becoming a member of the Missouri Beekeeping Association (MSBA). Your membership will directly fund the project and support ongoing efforts to develop a robust certification program.

Membership Benefits:

  • Exclusive Updates: Stay in the loop with regular updates on the project’s progress.
  • Member-Only Events: Access to events, workshops, and seminars focused on beekeeping and honey production.
  • Community Connection: Connect with fellow bee enthusiasts and experts across Missouri.

Local Honey Finder: Your Sweet Solution Until Certification!

While the project is in its infancy, you can still support local beekeepers by using our Local Honey Finder. Discover and savor the flavors of Missouri honey from beekeepers near you. It’s a tasty way to support local apiaries until the Certified Missouri Honey project comes to fruition.

Sign Up Today for a Buzzworthy Future!

Your MSBA membership not only supports the Certified Missouri Honey project but also opens the door to a world of beekeeping knowledge, community engagement, and sweet experiences. Join us on this exciting journey towards a future where every honey jar tells a story of Missouri’s natural beauty.

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Note: The Certified Missouri Honey project is a work in progress, and your support is crucial in bringing this vision to life. We thank you for being a part of our mission to preserve and promote the beekeeping heritage of Missouri.